Starting November 1, 2021, the Interurban Trolley Red Line will be rerouted to add stops that will serve both directions, inbound and outbound, at the intersection of Mishawaka Road & Minuteman Way. With the addition of these new stops, the Interurban Trolley will be able to provide service to the shopping plaza containing the Concord Mall Goodwill, Martin’s Supermarket, along with Concord High School, creating potential for new ridership opportunities. Furthermore, the new stops will help make routing more efficient during the detours that are required for the construction of the new overpass bridge for Sunnyside Drive over US-33 and the Norfolk Southern Railroad that will start construction in 2023.

The new Red Line route will operate as follows: 

Outbound To Goshen: 

At Concord Mall Driveway (southern exit) the Red Line will turn right onto Concord Mall  Drive (instead of turning left toward S. Main St.), continue to the traffic light at Mishawaka Road/CR 20, turn left onto Mishawaka Road, turn right onto S. Main St/US-33  and resume the existing route to Goshen.

Inbound To Elkhart: 

From US-33 the Red Line will turn left at the traffic light onto Mishawaka Road/CR-20, pull into the right turn lane to stop at the new Goodwill/Martin’s stop, before turning right onto Center Drive, it will then turn right onto Concord Mall Drive, and left into the Southern entrance to Concord Mall, resuming the existing route.

As a result of the new Red Line route, three currently signed stops on the Red Line will no longer see service:

Main and Mishawaka in both directions (Stops IDs #6054 and #6754) passengers will be able to board buses at either Main & Lewis Street (approximately a 3 minute walk south of the existing stop) or at the new Main and Minuteman Way stop. Due to the fact the bus is now making a left-turn Northbound Buses will be unable to make a flag stop at Main & Mishawaka.

At the corner of the south exit from Concord Mall, and Concord Mall Drive, Outbound buses will no longer service the old Concord Mall Martin’s (Stop ID# 6052), although it will continue to see service from the Orange Line.

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