Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (known as PFAS or “forever chemicals”) are found in our clothes, food, food packaging, dust, cosmetics, fabric softener, dental floss, toilet paper, and an incredibly wide range of household and personal care products. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized new rules on April 10, 2024, ( limiting the amount of PFAS in drinking water from public water systems. These rules give water systems three years to conduct initial monitoring and five years to meet the new limits. EPA estimates that these rules will reduce PFAS exposure for approximately 100 million people and require between 6% and 10% of the 66,000 public drinking water systems subject to these rule to take action to reduce PFAS.

The City of Elkhart Water Utility is a public water system that distributes treated water to customers from three wellfields. The City is currently conducting additional monitoring to determine what steps, if any, are required to meet the new limits for PFAS in drinking water.

The City does not use PFAS in our water treatment process.  Any PFAS chemicals in our finished drinking water come from the groundwater that is the source of the City’s drinking water. You can help do your part to protect the City’s drinking water by reducing the products you purchase that contain PFAS.

Graphic flowchart of PFAS water cycle from the products into the groundwater and into food products

(Image from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Please note that the City of Elkhart sends all biosolids to the landfill for disposal)

We will continue to update you regarding PFAS and any other drinking water issues.  You can find additional information, including information on reducing your exposure to PFAS, at

If you have additional questions, please call the Public Works and Utilities office at 574-293-2572 and ask to speak with Bryan Cress.