Public Record Request.

Instructions for Request for Public Records:

• Please complete the following form in its entirety.
• All requests must be delivered to the Department of Law. If a request is delivered to a different department within the City, it will be transferred to the legal department for the city for your convenience. A request will be deemed received, for purposes of I.C. 5-14-3, upon receipt by the Department of Law. You may deliver your request to the Department of Law:

Your request for public records must describe with specificity, the records being requested. Include in your description, any relevant information, such as names, addresses and date ranges, that will provide the required specificity to respond to your request. A request that simply poses a question, without identifying specific records or documents, may be denied.

*Records which can be delivered by email will not be charged reproduction fees. Records which are produced and delivered by US Mail or pickup will incur copying costs under the Uniform Fee Schedule, §31.002, Elkhart Code of Ordinances. You will be contacted for advance payment if delivery is requested other than by email.